The Mystic Rebel Oracle Deck
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The Mystic Rebel Oracle Deck is intended to help the conscious creators and wild women of this world tap more deeply into their intuitive gifts. It provides you with a tool to experience a connected dialogue with your Guides. 

Be warned though, these ain’t your mama’s Angels cards. This ish is for those next gen mystics with rebel souls who are ready to unleash their inner enchantress!

Though they are pretty bad a$$, each of these 46 cards holds messages tenderly relayed with love from your Angels and Spirit Guides to help you discover and claim your most blessed and abundant life. 
Each deck includes:
 46 captivating cards with customized artwork divinely designed by artist Rachael Day in collaboration with The Merhipsy. Unlike the outdated Angel imagery seen in decks of yesteryear, these cards modern bare contemporary reflections of Angels in the faces of real women just like YOU, walking the Earth, here to share their light.

A 63-Page Guidebook that covers everything about how the cards work, how to do readings for yourself and others, the deeper message and meaning of each card, and how to properly care for your deck. Basically, it’s PACKED with celestial sweetness to help you navigate the process of intuitive readings! 

Finishes fit for a Cosmic Queen! To really make this deck fit for a galactic goddess like yourself, each deck features luxe gilded edges and dazzling metallic touches. 

Two-piece kick ass keepsake hard box with metallic touches and foil  finishes.


Pre - Order Today And Get All These Bonuses
 Bonus #1 - A FREE, instant download of a customized meditation to help you center yourself to become a crystal clear channel for PERFECT readings for yourself or others ($30 value). 

Bonus #2 ANOTHER FREE instant download of a customized meditation to help you clear and reprogram your energy after reading for others ($30 value)

Bonus #3 - Access to an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group for Mystic Rebel deck owners to help you meet other spiritually-minded beings and card readers of all levels, and have access to chat with me about the decks, doing readings, and so much more! I will even be popping in there regularly to do live mini readings! (Pricele$$)

Bonus #4 - This last bonus is something I was NOT thinking of doing, but Spirit nudged me so hard I couldn’t say no. With the pre-sale purchase of a deck, you will be granted access to an EXCLUSIVE Pre-Sale Party virtual hang out! Bring your deck, some champagne, and dress to impress because we will be doing LIVE interactive co-readings using your deck! It could last an hour, or three! Who knows?! (Pricele$$, baby!)


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